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: Dr. Valery Cyboulko
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Exotic training course for the entrance examination in mathematics.
External independent evaluation
0101 Goals and rational number
0102  Interest. The main problem of interest
0103 The simplest geometric shapes on the plane and their properties
0201  Degree of natural and integral indicator
0202 Monomial and polynomials and operations on them
0203 Triangles and their basic properties
0301  Algebraic fractions and operations on them
0302 Square root. Real numbers
0303 Circle and circle, their properties
0401 Equations, inequalities and their systems
0402 Function and its basic properties
0403 Described and inscribed triangles
0501 Linear function, linear equations, inequalities and their systems
0502 Quadratic function, quadratic equation, inequality and their systems
0503  Solving square triangles
0601  Rational Equations, Inequalities and their sysytemy
0602  Numerical sequence. Arithmetic and geometric progression
0603 Solving arbitrary triangles
0701 Sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent numeric argument
0702  Identical transformation of trigonometric expressions
0703  Quadrilateral types and their basic properties
0801  Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, their properties
0802 Trigonometric equations and inequalities
0803  Polygons and their properties
0901 The root of n-th degree. Degree of rational parameters
0902 The power functions and their properties. Irrational equations, inequalities and their systems
0903 Regular polygons and their properties
1001 Logarithms. Logarithmic function. Logarithmic equations, inequalities and their systems
1002 Exponential function. Indicator of equations, inequalities and their systems
1003 Direct and planes in space
1101  Derivative and its geometric and mechanical content
1102 Derivatives and its application
1103 Polyhedron. Prisms and pyramids. Regular polyhedron
1201  Initial and definite integral
1202 Application of certain integral
1203 Body rotation
1301 Compounds. Binomial theorem
1302 General methods for solving equations, inequalities and their systems
1303 Coordinates in the plane and in space
1401 The origins of probability theory
1402 Beginnings of Mathematical Statistics
1403  Vectors in the plane and in space 
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Application Details

Publish Date: February 28, 2011
Created In: Maple 14
Language: Russian

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