Maple Ambassador Program - Inspire and Educate Others about the Benefits of Maple

Top Five Reasons to Become a Maple Ambassador

Number 1

Influence the development of Maple through regular meetings with Maplesoft developers.

Number 2

Access resources to help you organize Maple events on your campus.

Number 2

Get the inside scoop on upcoming features and products.

Number 5

Swag! Because who doesn't want a Maple t-shirt?

Number 3

Increase the visibility of your Maple-related work through the Maplesoft web site.

What does a Maple Ambassador do?

The Maple Ambassador's role is to inspire and educate, on your campus and beyond. This can be done in many different ways, depending on the individual and the campus, so there are no hard rules. Activities could include:

By becoming an official ambassador, you'll receive help from Maplesoft to do what you're probably already doing – sharing your excitement about Maple with others.

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